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We are driven by the vision to enable everyone to have the outdoor experiences of their life. Everywhere. With just one tap. Being a part of our team requires all of you: a drive for impact, responsibility, curiosity, collaboration and to constantly strive for excellence. Join us in building the world’s leading platform for outdoor activities!

Why you will love working here

Your Direct Impact

If you are driven by passion, komoot is the ideal workplace for you. At komoot, you own your field, you decide what is best to work on. You push your work to excellence. Whatever is best to build a world-leading product, you simply do it. No managers. No hierarchy. Your direct impact is what counts.

Join a Great Team

You will be working closely together in small teams to create and learn quickly. Our culture is personal, open and driven by passion. We believe in transparency and responsibility. Where and when you like to work is up to you - you decide what's best for your projects. Meet the team.

Our Workspace

We love nature and tech so it’s no surprise that we have an office by a lake. Enjoy the great view, while thinking about new ideas and solving challenges. Watch the birds playing to free your mind. Having a kitchen stocked with free drinks, coffee and fruits is natural to us. Cycling to work? Love running? We have showers and equipment space for you. Have a little peek inside.

The Best Tools

You decide what is needed in order to go fast. A speedy notebook, a big display, smartphones, software, external services, processing power on servers - you name it.


We have an office in Potsdam, a half hour ride away from Berlin’s city center. Rated among the top ten places for highest quality of life worldwide, people from all over the world come to Berlin to enjoy the fantastic variety and the special atmosphere.


As a multicultural team we have a great deal of experience with relocating to Berlin. We will be happy to help you with whatever you need - from finding the best place to live, to filling out documents.

Share & Learn

We see ourselves as part of a bigger ecosystem that makes Berlin one of the largest tech hubs in the world. You can find meetups and conferences with other experts nearly every day. We encourage you to go out, share, learn and make a dent in your community.

Currently we are looking for...

Your benefits

Flexible working hours & location

28 Paid Vacation Days

Health insurance

Fully equipped and shared kitchen

Fresh coffee, fruits and juices

Latest computers and devices

No open position for you?

As we are constantly growing, there is a high chance we will need some more smart people joining us in the future.

  • Android
  • Backend
  • Copy
  • Data Science
  • Design
  • Frontend
  • iOS
  • Product
  • Recommender

Just drop us your contact data and we will inform you when we have some news!

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You will work with...


Alex was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs and discovered his passions for programming and travel early on. After making a website for his first online business at age 15, he moved on to Python, making webapps while still finding time to explore the best of the Western States. Before relocating in 2014 to become Komoot’s newest iOS developer, he resided in the Washington DC area with his wife. Alex enjoys all aspects of technology and is always eager to perfect his code and learn new skills. When he’s not working, Alex likes to explore new cities, new cuisines, and new languages.


Came to komoot directly from the north of Portugal. Pushing pixels, drawing icons and sketching interfaces makes her fulfilled. As a massive consumer of articles she will happily share and discuss them with you.


Arne was born and grew up in Berlin. He studied applied informatics at university for applied sciences HTW Berlin and FU Berlin. Early on, Arne got in touch with Android development and loved it right away. He joined komoot in 2012.


Born and raised in Berlin, Benedict soon found his passion for two wheels. He formed his first cycling gang in preschool and went on to mountain bikes. After neglecting bikes for a while during the beginning of his marketing studies, they came back into his life even stronger than before in form of track and road bikes. Since May 2012 Benedict is the golden heart of our community.


An austrian at heart, Christoph feels comfortable in an international and diverse city like berlin. He studied physics with a great passion for coding and tech innovations. Christoph loves to crack the hardest nuts as much as getting endorphines running in Grunewald.


Daniel is a tech and nature enthusiast who wrote his first computer program in the 90s. After studying computer science and working in the south of Germany, he came to Berlin to start working at komoot. During weekends and vacations, Daniel is conquering the world on bicycle and likes to go on hiking tours.


GP is web developer at komoot. Born in Italy, he moved to Berlin some years ago. He loves to explore the world on his own feet, learning languages, growing plants, sunbathes and good espresso (Check out his genuine italian espresso-moka in the kitchen).


Our nordic geo ambassador joined komoot with long hair, a linux thinkpad and encryption keys in his hand. Scaling his love for penguins, he is now orchestrating a fluid system of servers and resources in the cloud. From solid java patterns to api functions, he is one of the most wanted persons in the company. When its windy you will find him racing with his longboard and surf sail over the tempelhof airfield.


Enjoys finding simple solutions to difficult problems and is happy to be doing that all day long as a backend software developer at komoot. When not coding, managing projects or attending tech meetups, Johannes is most likely to be found running around Tempelhof, hiking in the far north of his native Finland or on a bicycle tour somewhere in the world.


Grew up in the alps and started programming as a teenager. While studying in Berlin, he teamed up with some friends developing the idea for komoot and its early versions. When he's not at the computer he's out exploring on his bike or catamaran.


Lis hails from Texas, and before landing in Berlin, she called London, Paris and Boston home. A journalism and marketing graduate, Lis is a lover of the written word, a traditional sauna, and old music (the good kind). She also thinks that nature offers the blueprint for most great design, so why not treat it with a little respect? An avid mediaist and consumer of all things analogue, Lis is fascinated with the intersection between digital and the culture at-large. In her spare time, you might find her taking long treks through Berlin’s neighbourhood’s or playing ‘60s-era vinyl throughout the city.


Coming from the North of Spain to Germany with a stop-over in California, Lucia loves learning new things and sharing funny stories. After studying physics and doing research on gravitational radiation from black holes, she grew increasingly interested in data science and machine learning topics. She’s now building the best recommender system for the komoot users and enjoying sunny weekends in forests and lakes, one bike route at a time.


Marius is a designer and moved to Berlin from the south of Germany. He loves getting to the bottom of things and tackling complex problems to create a simple solution. When he's not resizing browser windows, you can find him reading, exploring cities, listening to music and podcasts or going out for a run.


Markus might have spent more time on ski, his road bike and his mountain bike crossing the alps, than he spent at school. At university, he shifted his ambition to physics, materials science and data analyses. When his passion for outdoor activities and love for data driven approaches came together with komoot, he canceled his PhD to start the company with his friends. Now he is taking care about the strategy, legal and financial topics at komoot. When he is not at the office, he is hiking with his kids and girlfriend in the Bavarian Alps.


Martina grew up in Potsdam and has lots of great stories to tell about her childhood in the GDR. Originally trained as a bank clerk, she later studied sport economics. When she’s not at our office, Martina does her best teaching university students dancing or convinces her two little boys to go out hiking with her.


Grew up in Potsdam and wrote his first programs in BASIC in 90s. After studying in Brandenburg/Havel he started working in the field of geo informatic in potsdam. In this time he went over Java and groovy to iOS development and joined komoot at 2012.


A recent addition to Berlin, Peter was born in Australia by the beach. He started programming games on the Amiga at an early age from books found at the local library. After finishing study he has worked on all kinds of projects starting on j2me mobile while dabbling in web and games along the way. At Komoot he currently works in the realms of Android.


Originally from Frankfurt, Germany, where everything is pancake flat, Stephanie studied Corporate Communications in Vienna, Austria, where she also found her love for the mountains and outdoor activities. After her studies she came to Berlin and is now seen unicycling down the two hills of Berlin on weekends.


Grown up in the Austrian alps, Tobias loves the mountains, hiking, skiing and climbing there. While studying mechanical engineering in Munich, he saw himself more obsessed with the idea to start komoot than calculating gears and motors. Soon he joined the others in Berlin to make people have great outdoor experiences.