El Camino del Diablo - Riding the Devil’s Highway

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Sprawling across the northern states of Mexico into the southern US, the Sonoran Desert has a beauty only matched by its inhospitality. Giant saguaro cacti grow sporadically between flowering creosote bushes; ancient volcanos darken the desert sands. Evenings seem to last forever as the sun dips slowly behind the rounded mountain peaks. Summer temperatures regularly reach well into the triple-digits, only to plummet as soon as night falls. Food is scarce here, water is nearly non-existent.

For #FarRideDiablo, we assembled a team and headed south to ride the notorious El Camino del Diablo—a thousand-year-old path through the Sonoran Desert along the US-Mexico border. For centuries, travelers along the Camino have struggled in search of “new” lands, gold and opportunities with an estimated 2,000 lives lost along the way. Today, it sits at the center of a hotly debated border security dispute. Our team of five spent three days in the desert, riding from Ajo to Wellton, Arizona and exploring the fascinating history and scenery of El Camino del Diablo— The Devil’s Highway.

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