High Alpine Berlin

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Want to get to know the Alpine side of Berlin? Then make your way to Zillertal in Austria. This is where the legendary Alpine ridgeway "Berliner Höhenweg", named by the Berlin section of Germany's Alpine Club DAV, starts. In eight days and close to 85 km, it leads you through a breathtaking mountain scenery and reach an elevation gain of around 6,000 meters. On day five, you'll reach the highest point of this trail, that also features a few nice climbing passages: Schönbichler Horn, at an altitude of 3,134 m. Feel like a reward after the day's efforts? Then you've reached just the right place: the Alpine hut, Berliner Hütte, is perfect for an overnighter. The term hut is quite misleading; the listed building is truly luxurious. Those who like it a little more comfy, can take the bus back to Mayrhofen at Schlegeisspeicher after four days. Don't feel like returning quite yet? In that case, you can add the ridgeway "Aschaffenburger Höhenweg" to your trip, and thus complete the Zillertal route.

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