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  1. 10.07.2017

    Glückwunsch, Steven!

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    1. Angel Hall

      This a pain song but I'm letting everything go
      I promise when I speak specifically about anything
      Cuz that's my way of showing I don't care no more
      Ima just go on with my life
      Until death call my name
      Aye, aye Youngboy, slime yeah
      Playboy on this bitch but he ain't playing though
      Too many problems (yeah)
      Thinking how I'm gone solve it (yeah)
      So much pain in my body (yeah)
      They selling lies and I bought it (yeah)
      Don't tell me that you love me, if you ain't going to die for me
      You can stay the fuck from round me
      If you ain't gonna ride for me
      Tell me you would never leave
      How could you just lie to me (yeah)
      Get from off your knees you ain't got to cry to me (yeah)
      I been giving all my love, tell me do you feel it
      Never learn how to trust sittin' in penitentiary
      All for you I'll take a slug baby
      Who the realest had to tell her I'm a genie
      I can answer wishes (yeah)
      [Verse 1]
      I got my static when you ride with me
      We got pulled over no you ain't going to do no time for me
      I put my hands up police drew down on me
      So many charges make me wanna go way over seas
      Reminiscing 'bout them days I was sittin' up in that cage
      I was begging you to stay and you hung up in my face
      Free Kodak, everything gettin' slayed
      They keep begging me to change
      Talked to Future the other day and he say I need to change lanes (yeah)
      Cause they gon' try to count you out til you make them count you in (yeah)
      Stimulate my brain (yeah, yeah) had to tell 'em I ain't leaving out the same way I came in (yeah) (oh, fuck what i saying)
      Whole lot a heron, I sell that shit right in front of my momma
      Swear I would never run just like a man ima face my problems
      Even when my voice fucked up
      Ima spit in the booth Ima go in like a goblin
      Nigga got me fucked up
      Ima spin on his block, I admit that I had shot him
      VVss in my chain tell that hoe Young Thug everything
      Hearing voices in brain hoping everything change
      I been rolling through the streets and been clutching on my heat
      I put blood all on my feet and I put cameras in my trees (baby)
      Said I changed on you, but I feel that you changed on me
      I said my prayers and you gon' sow just what you reap (yeah)
      I been taking Adderall mixing it with lean (mixin' it wit lean)
      Hope I don't wake in my sleep

      • 05.06.2018

    2. Emma

      Hi just tough I would say hi

      • 06.07.2018

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    1. رورو وردة

      فخفمفزفل خبر بتبني بتبنىخ رنيتلتى بةؤوبنل ؤبرتنلنل😁😁😁😁😁😁

      • 27.05.2018

  4. 28.06.2016

    1. Daniel Courvoisier - Thailand

      Schoen, moechte auch wieder gerne mal in der Schweiz wandern. Gruss aus Thailand

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    2. Tobias

      Didn't know that you've visited Europe. Awesome tour!

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