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Distanz1 811 km
Zeit83:32 Std
Höhenmeter21 470 m

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    1. DennisK.

      Coole Tour.
      How was the weather. Have you been alone on the trip?

      • 13.07.2016

    2. simonjohnson

      Hi Denis. Its Winter here ! Been up Flueva Pass today, 2383m. Snow line at 1800m. It was 6 deg at top. Not very funny in summer clothes but good fun ! Just having 3 days alone here in Filisur with big tent. Recommended !

      • 14.07.2016

    1. simonjohnson

      A very successful winter tour through the higest parts of the Fränkische Schweiz ! 166 km and 2400m climbing (barometric readings) in a total 8.5 hrs - including only 1 hr breaks, a rolling average 22.15 km/hr - this is almost randonneur speed (100km per 5hrs) , not bad in winter !
      Conditions sunny, no wind, average temperature 4.3°C (>0°C)
      (In places Sebastian admits that I have "pulled him ze sausage of his bread" !)

      • 28.12.2015

    2. DennisK.

      What a Tour 👍. Good Job in the Winter.

      • 28.12.2015

  1. 07.11.2015

    simonjohnson war Rennrad fahren

    99,9 km
    15,0 km/h
    1. simonjohnson

      Perfect conditions ! 15°C light rain. Only 100km but a hard ride due to the many steep hills. This is the winter touring bike, not really for hill climbing but good in the wet.

      • 07.11.2015