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Giuseppe hat ganz schön was erlebt 2017.

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Using komoot first to plan trip with my bike but soon for hiking as well.
I enjoy to plan trips short or long and I find really useful while travelling for work or for myself.
I like to travel a lot, the nature, photography and many other things.

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Distanz1 341 km
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  2. 05.11.2017

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    1. Giuseppe

      Back on my project for 2017 that is to do the Swiss Jura Crest Trail that start near Zürich and finish not far from Geneva. It has 15 stages for a total of 310km and 13800m of elevation. I will not do it in once but on weekends or short vacation.
      I didn't returned walking almost all the summer. It was painful for my legs at the end after such a long break and I guess also because there's a lot of ascend for this stage. Weather was nice almost all along as I was hiking in t-shirt and thin trousers... but a strong wind and temperature drop to 1°C was waiting for me at the end.
      More information and map on :
      See all my recorded tour for this trail:

      • 29.10.2017

  5. 14.10.2017

    Glückwunsch, Giuseppe!

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