Über The Adventure Syndicate

The Adventure Syndicate is a collective of female endurance cyclists whose aim is to increase levels of self-belief and confidence in others (especially in women and girls) by telling inspiring stories, creating an encouraging community, and delivering enabling workshops and training. We do this because we love the way adventuring by bike makes us feel and we passionately believe we are all capable of so much more than we think we are.


The Adventure Syndicates Touren Statistik

Distanz5 439 km
Zeit229:34 Std
Höhenmeter39 760 m

Letzte Aktivität

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  3. 29.04.2018

    Jenny und The Adventure Syndicate waren Rennrad fahren.

    176 km
    18,9 km/h
    3 290 m
    2 890 m
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  4. 28.04.2018

    Jenny und The Adventure Syndicate waren Rennrad fahren.

    162 km
    22,2 km/h
    1 740 m
    1 780 m
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  7. 25.04.2018

    Jenny, The Adventure Syndicate und Jenny waren Rennrad fahren.

    165 km
    22,1 km/h
    510 m
    520 m
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