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Komoot is the world’s leading outdoor app. We offer modern explorers best-in-class tech so that hikers and bikers have topographic maps, turn-by-turn navigation, recommendations on cool places and more at their fingertips.

The Freedom To Rock Your Craft

The world’s leading outdoor app, komoot hires the best folks to do what they love. Have a passion for the great outdoors and an ability to get things done? You might be the superstar we’re searching for.

Why You’ll Love It Here

Work With People You Actually Want To Work With

We hire smart. That means selecting inspiring people who are experts at what they do, and who you’d actually want to grab a beer with. Work alongside passionate outdoor folks from all over the globe, who are as passionate about the outdoors as they are about creating.

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Your Own Lake & Castle

Because we give you maximum freedom, you’re free to work where you want, when you want. And since we love nature, it’s little wonder our office is nestled between a lake and castle just 20 minutes from Berlin’s main train station.

The Komoot Manifesto

Some values have to be lived every day. Here’s how we make outdoor exploration a reality.


We are builders & makers. We measure our own success by how impactful our work is. We put the user first. Always. We don’t do things just to do them, we do the right things to deliver maximum impact.


We hire people who are experts at what they do, and we give them the freedom to do it. We always consider the long game and potential effects each other and the company. Who’s the boss? Everybody. Nobody. Our users.


Communication is all about understanding each other and talking is just the beginning. We share our ideas and learn from one another each and everyday. We listen to our users and each other to solve problems that matter. We share ideas, learnings and feedback with openness and clarity.


We love to learn. And we champion curiosity. No matter what our field of expertise, we’re always asking questions. Data scientists, copywriters and developers work alongside each other to solve problems for real outdoor fans.


We’re constantly improving. Some of us are real optimization nerds. We take nothing for granted and constantly strive for the best. We don’t believe in repetitive work, thats why we don’t have a structure for it. Repetitive work is for automatons ... and we’re not robots

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Location, Location, Location

Nestled in sunny Potsdam, just a stone’s throw away from Berlin’s city center. Rated as one of the best places in the world to live, the “poor but sexy” capital is ready to welcome newcomers with open arms.

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Move It

We work with people from all over the world, so we know a thing or two about finding the best place to live or filling out mundane paperwork. Oh, and our resident locals are always happy to point out the best watering holes and eateries.

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Share & Learn

It’s no secret: Berlin’s startup hub is booming. We take advantage of the ecosystem by attending meetups and conferences by leading experts. Share, learn and contribute to the community.

Perks & Benefits

Work When You Want, Where You Want
28 Paid Vacation Days
Health Insurance
Fully Equipped And Shared Kitchen
Free Coffee, Drinks & Fruit
The Latest Tech & Devices

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Your Future Partners In Crime

Arne was born and raised in Berlin. He studied applied informatics at HTW Berlin and FU Berlin. Early on, Arne was fascinated with Android development and fell in love immediately. He joined komoot in 2012.

An austrian at heart, Christoph feels comfortable in an international and diverse city like berlin. He studied physics with a great passion for coding and tech innovations. Christoph loves to crack the hardest nuts as much as getting endorphines running in Grunewald.

Daniel is a tech and nature enthusiast who wrote his first computer program in the 90s. After studying computer science and working in the south of Germany, he came to Berlin to start working at komoot. During weekends and vacations, Daniel is conquering the world on bicycle and likes to go on hiking tours.

Born in beautiful but small Bamberg, Daniela was intent on discovering new places from an early age. An English and dramatics graduate, she loves using her language skills by traveling, watching the Doctor save the world (yet again) and diving into books. A water rat at heart, lakes, rivers and the seaside magically have always fascinated her. Biking to work come rain or shine, she indulges her inner couch potato by cooking, drawing, pleasing her neighbors with music or enjoying the region’s cultural offers. Her job at komoot perfectly combines her love for communication, creativity and exploration.

Dmytro hopped on a plane from Ukraine to relocate to Berlin. After earning his degree in electrical engineering, he realised that his true passion was digital interface design. A detail-obsessed nerd who’s always searching for the perfect design solution, Dima plans on exploring all of Berlin’s lakes and trails. Dribbble user, bike lover and calligraphy fan, Dmytro does it all.

Evan was raised in Thuringia, the green heart of Germany. While studying communication electronics he started experimenting with web programming. Besides programming, Evan loves to work with real stuff like wood. When he’s not handcrafting something he customizes his randonneur. Passionate about hard work, Evan travels around the world exploring new routes on his bike.

Our nordic geo ambassador joined komoot with long hair, a linux thinkpad and encryption keys in his hand. Scaling his love for penguins, he is now orchestrating a fluid system of servers and resources in the cloud. From solid java patterns to api functions, he is one of the most wanted persons in the company. When its windy you will find him racing with his longboard and surf sail over the tempelhof airfield.

Enjoys finding simple solutions to difficult problems and is happy to be doing that all day long as a backend software developer at komoot. When not coding, managing projects or attending tech meetups, Johannes is most likely to be found running around Tempelhof, hiking in the far north of his native Finland or on a bicycle tour somewhere in the world.

Jonas grew up close to the woods of the Palatinate Forest in Southern Germany. He discovered his love for rock climbing and being outdoors there amidst sandstone towers and castles. Leaving his small hometown behind, he moved to Berlin where he picked up studying Geography. When he’s not in the library or working at komoot you probably find him dancing on or organizing some Techno-Event. Outside Berlin you find him hanging on some rocks or trekking through the sticks on any hiking trail that avoids the crowds.

Raised in the Alps and obsessed with programming since his teenage years, Jonas loves the outdoors. While studying in Berlin, he teamed up with some friends and developed the idea for komoot and its early versions. When he’s not at the computer he’s out exploring on his bike or catamaran.

Marius is a designer and moved to Berlin from the south of Germany. When he’s not resizing browser windows, you can find him cycling, hiking, reading, exploring cities, listening to music and podcasts or going out for a run.

Markus might have spent more time on skis, his road bike and his mountain bike crossing the Alps, than he spent at school. At university, he shifted his ambition to physics, materials science and data analysis. When his passion for outdoor activities and love for data-driven solutions resulted in komoot’s founding, he abandoned his PhD to start the company with his friends. Markus focuses on komoot’s strategy, legal and financial concerns. When he’s not at the office, you can find Markus hiking with his kids and girlfriend in the Bavarian Alps.

Martina grew up in Potsdam and has lots of great stories to tell about her childhood in the GDR. Originally trained as a bank clerk, she later studied sport economics. When she’s not at our office, Martina does her best teaching university students dancing or convinces her two little boys to go out hiking with her.

Matthias grew up in Potsdam and wrote his first programs in BASIC in the ’90s. After studying in Brandenburg/Havel he started working in the field of geo-informatics in Potsdam. During this time he also picked up Java, groovy and iOS development skills. He joined komoot in 2012.

Originally from Frankfurt, Germany, where everything is pancake flat, Stephanie studied Corporate Communications in Vienna, Austria, where she discovered her love for the mountains and other outdoor activities. After her studies, she arrived in Berlin and can be found unicycling all over the globe.

Tobias grew up in Berlin Reinickendorf-Ost near the so called “Todesstreifen”. While he spent his teenage years playing online strategy games and leading an eSport clan he also grew interest in coding and web design. Since 2009 he develops Android games and apps starting on a G1. During that time he lived in Berlin Wedding between bars, art, and the evergreen promise that this district is in the ascendant while doing his B. Sc. with a focus on turn based strategy games on smartphones. Also, he is deep into crypto currencies and dedicated his M. Sc. to researching and developing distributed infrastructure concepts based on block-chain technology like Bitcoin. Furthermore, he likes swimming and biking from time to time.

Raised in the Austrian alps, Tobias loves the mountains, hiking, skiing and climbing. While studying mechanical engineering in Munich, he saw himself as more of an entrepreneur than a gear and motor nerd. Soon he made the move to Berlin and truly enjoys helping people have great outdoor experiences.