8 Days on the Hermannsweg Trail

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A marvellous high route winds through a landscape that’s steeped in history: It was here were the bloodiest clash between the Roman army and the Germans took place 2000 years ago. The German chieftain Arminius gathered all tribes and lead them to a legendary victory over the Roman army in the Teutoburger Forest. Today the traces of this battle are long-wiped off the surface and hikers can peacefully follow the trail over the ridge of the Teutoburger Forest, discover the natural park "Terra Vita" and finish off with the gorgeous Egge mountains. In 157 km and 8 days ancient history and a terrific nature experience are weaved together on a unique trail that’s a must for your personal hiking logbook. You can easily start hiking from anywhere on the trail - no matter in which direction you’re heading.

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